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27 September 2019

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Wedding Planner

Our Wedding Planning


Universe Each wedding in India are full-on, non-stop fun and entertainment for family and friends and we take that very seriously. Sincerely, because so many expectations, so many wishes are attached to this once in a lifetime event, that one has to be flawless and meticulous in both preparation and execution of this grand affair. We, at Planet Jashn, understand that its a dream come true, momentous occasion for both the bride and groom and their respective families and we treasure the trust they place in us to turn their wedding and related functions into beautiful events, just the kind they wished for!


Heres a brief about some of the many services that we offer:


Venue Selection


Top amongst anyone’s wedding wish is Venue Selection. The venue sets the tone for the entire festivity that is to follow. Therefore, we must make the right selection. We are keeping your preference along with other factors such as occasion, guest, approachability, season, etc. In mind, we offer you multiple choices of venues to decide From.



Theme & Decor


If the venue is selected, can theme and decor be left far behind? No. Theme and decor go hand in hand with venue selection. Not only do we offer you a variety of options which gel with the surroundings of your big day, but we also provide new themes and settings for your smaller functions too!
Customized Invites: Innovative invites are the order of the day. A tasteful invite gives the guests an idea of how an occasion is going to be conducted. So, we take the utmost care in providing you customized invites that make a statement by displaying your style and also getting along with the theme of that day.



Photography & Videography


The most beautiful moments of your life must be captured for eternity. We offer you the latest in photographic and video graphics techniques to generate heartwarming and aesthetically captured visuals for memories that last a lifetime. On the wedding day, we ensure that the guests wherever they may be, don’t miss out on any part of the celebration by strategically placing LCDs, LEDs, and Projectors, Dron Camera at the venue.



Family dance choreography


What’s a wedding without loads of naach gaana? Since our happiness and joy are best expressed this way, a little polishing of the dancing skills is imperative. It is here that your very own family dance choreographer steps into jazz up the proceedings and helps you dance with ease and abundant, be it at the sangeet, at the Mehandi, or the cocktail.



Entertainment Concepts


Although rituals consume most of the time during wedding festivities and bring joy to everyone, any form of entertainment provides the much-needed relief to the family members from their hectic activities, giving them time to relax and recoup their sagging energy levels. The guests also enjoy every moment of it. Therefore, entertainment concepts that are innovative, engaging, and lively, are high on the wish list of any family where a wedding is taking place. Planet Jashn fully comprehends the idea of Jash and merry-making and brings to your novel and exciting entertainment concepts to enliven all your celebrations.



Light & sound arrangement


When we pay attention to details such as theme and decor and entertainment, the provision of light and sound cant be neglected. So important is this arrangement, that it can make or mar any celebration. Which aspect to highlight, which place to enhance, and which area to deflect attention from, all of it is craftily looked into. Similarly, provisions are made for a glitch-free sound arrangement.



Reception of Baraat and Jaimala Concepts


Excellent hospitality is always appreciated and fondly remembered by the guests. Welcoming the Baraat is the first step in this direction. We plan novel ideas for the Reception of Baraat, especially the groom, and then go a step further by devising an impressive entry for the bride, followed by a feast for the guest’s eyes in the form of a never seen before Jaimala concept.





No longer are Fireworks restricted to festivals such as Diwali or bursting of 10000 coil crackers. Fireworks have taken a time leap and shown a vast advancement and refinement. In a lavish wedding set up, fireworks have become mandatory. We offer packages of visually appealing sky, shots, fountain fireworks, and many newer concepts to increase your revelry quotient.



Trousseau and gift packing


How you give is as important as what you offer. Therefore, what you gift to the bride or the groom or the guests should be impressively presented to enhance its beauty. Even a standard gift acquires new dimensions if packed in a novel and different way. Thus, we offer you all ranges of trousseau and gift packing which are high on style, appeal, and uniqueness.





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