Wedding Planner Video



001-Wedding Planner Video-


This is a review video, this is a party from Gujarat who wanted to have their destination wedding in Varanasi. after the final deal, we made a complete wedding plan which includes tent, light, decor, catering, photography, jaimala theme, entertainment etc. this video is for those who want to plan their destination wedding in Varanasi. Watching the video will strengthen their faith.


002-Wedding Planner Video-


This video is the highlights of the entire wedding video of Gujarat. Seeing which you can guess the real marriage. You can see our artistic and storytelling in our video.

By watching the video, you will know why you should hire a wedding planner? Our team has plan hundreds of Indian weddings of various religions and regions, from Hindu to Muslim to Punjabi to Gujarati, and more!


003-Wedding Planner Video-


This complete video was planned at Milan palace in Mirzapur. The video is before the start of wedding events. You can see one thing closely and feel a wonderful marriage. Our Indian Wedding is designed for wedding festivities, and We enjoy getting to know the event in a more


004-Wedding Planner Video-


This video is a video of the wedding day planned in Mirzapur. The company wedding team showing in action, and the team of each section is engaged in carrying out its best work. The team consists of approximately 175 members while working in an event program. Our main goal during the Wedding Event is to enjoy all the moments between family and friends.


005-Wedding Planner Video-


This video is a review video of the entertainment part of Universe Marriage. She is Nishtha Sharma, a singer. It was also the winner of the zee tvs program Sara Gama. Nishtha Sharma has also won many awards in the world of voice. She recently came to an event at universe marriage, and guests enjoyed the melodious voice during the wedding event.


006-Wedding Planner Videos-


This video is a part of the jaimala Theme of Universe Marriage. Nowadays, there is a tremendous of Bride entry theme, Groom Entry and Jaimala Theme in Wedding. It has become the heartfelt desire of every bride and groom that her entry and jaimala be vigorous. Universe Marriage also fulfils this wish of his. You will like this video of the bride entry and jaimala.


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