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Universe Marriage--A Wedding Planner In Varanasi India

About Us

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Wedding Planner In Varanasi India–Universe Marriage is a well-known name in the field of wedding planning, which is based in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.  Universe marriage company is Established in 2009. It gained popularity in no time Over all Uttar Pradesh Due to its Wedding theme and rate. Our clients believe that Universe Marriage does not have any combination of a perfect wedding and theme decoration. Universe Marriage provides event planning services for all occasions. We are in a specialist in Wedding Theme, Wedding Decoration, Destination Weddings, Wedding Organizer, Budget Marriage planning in Varanasi, Corporate Event Management, Hospitality Services, Wedding Catering, Jaimala Theme, Candid Photography, Best Marriage Lawn in Varanasi, etc. If you are searching Wedding Planner in Varanasi India and You want to plan in your wedding something different – then please call–9889230366-09792173231




                                                            At Universe Marriage, the program only one wedding at a time:


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We only plan one Wedding Program at a time. We have a passion for planning events. Universe Marriage –A Wedding Planner will work towards making your event a spectacular and stylish affair. we’ll save money and time and deduct the strain related to planning your wedding so you’ll enjoy it! As a marriage planner in Varanasi India, we understand how important it’s to make a connection not just with you but also together with your loved ones.


Our Team hard work round the clock so our clients can enjoy their wedding and avoid the many problems that can occur. While we have handled many high profile and Destination weddings.
The creative team equally enjoys planning smaller scale creative weddings. We are familiar with the customs for most castes and religions in India.
We have 11 Year experience across a wide range of Weddings and Events. Universe Marriage is a wedding planning service provider based in the city of Varanasi. It is a unique wedding planning company that would cater to any and every planning need of yours and create beautiful experiences for you and all of your guests where. you would be able to forge happy and everlasting memories. If you are searching Wedding Planner in Varanasi India and You want to plan in your wedding something different – then please call–9889230366-09792173231



                                                                                                                                                                                  Our Experience:


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Wedding Planning is an art. We recognize the problems and challenges faced on the occasion of marriage. We have been developing good working relationships. Reliable Service and that we are pleased with the partnerships we’ve created over the years. You can reduce your stress by allowing us to plan your entire wedding. A wedding is not just an event for us the nuptial ceremony connects two families and we have to make those moments memorable.


Most people spend a lot of money on parties and weddings. But, In every case, He gets involved. That on the Wedding day, they realize. He is unable to enjoy the functions of their only Daughter/Son or they have not Time to enjoy the services. You can hire the Universe Marriage to tension-free plan your wedding. If you are searching Wedding Planner in Varanasi India and You want to plan in your wedding something different – then please call–9889230366-09792173231, Thank you heartily for visiting our wedding planning website and for spending your valuable time.

Wedding Planner In Varanasi

Make Your Wedding Day Memorable With Universe Marriage



Tents are the Basic Structure of each big event. Flower decorations and light work start only after the tents. Nowadays some tent work is also being done by the Flower decorator. Main work of tents Like Making a Pandal, Table, Chair, Mat, Platform, etc

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An experienced light Vendors can add four moons to your wedding events. Most lights companies also work as sound. Providing Led light, Led stripe, Jhumar, Hanging light, Wire, Generator is the main task of light vendors.

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Flower Decorations make your events beautiful. The scent of flowers makes your guests happy. Providing Stage, Mandap, Gate, Passage, is the main task of Flower Decorator. Always book an experienced flower decorator.

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Good food will remind your guests of your event for years. so always Choose experienced caterers, Create a menu according to the guests coming to the event. here the trend of eating pure vegetarian food has increased in a few years.

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The experienced Photography and Cinematography team captures the best moments of your weddings. We Offer Professional Photography and Videography Services for all occasions. Our specialty is Candid Wedding photography.

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Jaimala Theme


Groom and bride's entry theme, Jaimala in a fabulous way! There is a tremendous craze at this time. electronic fire and cold anar are four moons adding to it. the groom and bride are doing a lot of hard work and rehearsal in the long-lasting Jaimala theme.

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Now A Days the Entertainment of the guests coming to the event is fully taken care of. For Entertainment, people are now calling tv artists, comedians, dance groups, celebrities, singers. Booking Entertainment increases the work of the tent, light, sounds.

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Hospitality Services


Receiving and Welcome Your every guest from the Railway station or airport, All guests the stay in the hotel, Breakfast to Dinner arrangement, bringing guests to the wedding lawn, and drop at the hotel. It is an all Hospitality Service.

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