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Universe Studio is a candid and artistic photography and cinematography services company.who have a Brilliant team of Wedding photographers, makeup artists, and in-house photography team with 12 years of experience and Photo expertise, who works for artistic photography. Provide Event Candid Photography and Cinematic Video Films for small size and medium-size company, big size companies like multinationals. Our Services Branch Available in 1000 KM till Around Varanasi, If you are Searching Top Photo Studio In Varanasi India-So Pls Call-09336495205-07007270154 –Universe Studio.



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Universe studio Cinematography & Photography is an art of observing things very closely. It’s about finding things which are exciting in a regular place it has little to do with the stuff you see. A good photograph is one that expresses a fact, touches the heart, and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. Universe studio business and workshop are located in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. If you are Searching Varanasi Photography Studio In banaras India-So Pls Call-09336495205-07007270154 –Universe Studio.



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Our artist creates photos for your precious and good memories. photograph, portrayal to description, and statue we have all for you. A well-stabilized workshop with professional studio, light, and camera. Our pictures are a depiction of creativity. We always try to capture our special moments, we just help to create a photocopy of your special moments. High-quality cameras that account in creating impression on fight catch, with clear prints and reports. Universe Studio is increasingly becoming part and puzzle of people’s weddings, companies, and occasional routines. If you are Searching Pre Wedding Shoot In Varanasi or Photo Studio In Varanasi India-So Pls Call-09336495205-07007270154 –Universe Studio.



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If you book Universe Studio photography & cinematography for your Wedding Event. So one thing is sure. Your wedding event is for two days or three days; Our photography team will not be changed. It has many advantages. Our team of Photographers recognizes all your guests well. Many guests come from other cities or states at the time of marriage. Taking care of everyone’s moods and doing photography is the specialty of our Candid photography & Cinematography team. Our team acts like a family member at wedding events and make everyone happy by doing unique photography of a particular person. It is our habit to work according to the customer program chart. Click for wedding photography packages


We know how to win people’s hearts with our work. Make every day memorable with the universe studio. Our slogan people are humming. That is the reason why our popularity reaches other cities and regions with your returning guests. We know how to handle relationships, and your trust is the foundation of our company’s. In the company, old customers are given particular respect and attractive discounts. The company keeps getting special offers from time to time, Please Like our Facebook page for details of the Offer. Thank you, heartily, for visiting and reading our wedding photography websites.



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